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I have always been drawn to the creation of jewelry and the emotional value, that careful thought and intention can place in the materials used. To me, jewelry is more than pretty objects; they carry emotions and value beyond materials and aesthetics. Jewelry becomes an expression of affection, 

a comfort to the wearer, a friend through troubled times – and thus designing jewelry is not to be taken lightly. 


Drawing my inspiration from the gentle sinuous curves and simple clean lines in the silhouettes of the Scandinavian design heritage, sculptures, and softened geometric shapes, I aim to design jewelry that is elegant and timeless, so that it can last for years to come. Often, I am also inspired by the atmosphere of a place, a picture, or a painting, and I aspire to imbed the character and feeling into my designs. 


Staying true to my love of creating I am immensely dedicated to the process in which I always immerge with everything I am,

determined to reach my design goal. Throughout the process I am constantly searching for kindness, authenticity and 

integrity within the design and materials, and I carefully treat each design with the diligence and accuracy it deserves.

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